We have been to World Winner Show, 08

  In Lisboa  

4 World Winner from Sweden, 2008

            WW 08 EC EP S* Aristo Lima'z Terry Viking, NFO n 0924     &      WW 08 EC S* Just Catnap's Alma Snowflake, NFO, n 0924
                             WW 08 S* Ixidixi's Happy Kiss, EXO, n          &        WW 08 S*                      ORI, n 24

Cats from Utblickens

Miriam, f 03, CAC/6               Bodil, n 0924, CAC                 Zimson, as 24, HP NOM

Here Bodil with judge Kristian Routio
(ps my Bodil lost BIV to Alma, who became WW)
Big Congratulations to Alma :))

A lot of friends :))

Other cats from Sweden

                      In Ladys room  :)))                           Here my friend Eva from Norway (as you can see)

Some people from Franse

    This very evening we have a partyy