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Newborn kittens     

Lifes miracle
Magic Tara & Svantes Litter

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IC S* Utblickens Salsa, fs 24 
25/2 Saturday CAGCIB
           26/2 Sunday    CAGCIB


At show 
12/3 CACS NOM, 1 vote
CACS NOM, 2 vote
GIC S* Utblickens Tage, n 0924

Here with mom Ines
Big congrats :-)






This weekend 21-22/1 -17 has been fantastic :-)
At show at Nerk 22/1 -17      
S* Utblickens
BIS Breed
S* Utblickens
BIS Litter  

27 nov 2016
Big Congrats to IC S* Utblickens Majken, f 09
And tpher owner Maurice & Heidi

3 dec 2016
Big Congrats to IC S* Utblickens Thindra, g 0324
And to er owner Isabel & Carlos

Norway 24 Sept 2016
CH S* Utblickens Fonzie, fs, 

Big Congrats to mom Monica Alnes,
and thanks for allways being soo good mom for Fonzie

 IC S* Utblickens Lill Imra,  f 02


GIC S* Utblickens Tage, n 0924       in april -16

Thanks Fred & Andrea, for giving him so good life :-)

D.J. Bobo in april 2016

Thank you all for a nice show weekend in Norrköping, 21-11/2  -15 (Östkattens)

GIC S* Utblickens Trisse, a 24
Sa: CACS           
GIC S* Utblickens Tufva, f 0924



Four generation tourties in Utblickens :-)

 SC S* Utblickens Miriam, f  03

GIC S* Utblickens Jannina, f 02

CH S* Utblickens Lill Imra, f 02 

S* Utblickens Indra, f 03

And here is their old Grand lady, in July -14, celebrating her 10 years of age.
GIC S* Utblickens Zaga Lin, ds 09 24





At Östkattens 3/3 -13

Supreme Premier
SP o EC S* Utblickens Birthe, f 09

Thank you Catherine
S* Isgården's You have alway done a great jobb with Birthe :-)
Im very proud  !!!


IC S* Utblickens Zigge Jr, n
 3/2   CAGCIB  BIV-T   NOM      
       2/2   CAGCIB                 NOM            

25/11 CAGCIB  BIV                     
Int Champion BIV         

CACIB  BIV-T                   
CACIB  BIV-T   NOM      

Big Congrats to
owner Johanna & Mattias


At Fräset 5/1 -13

Supreme Champion
SC S* Utblickens Miriam, f 03

Our lovely grandchildren :-)

What a weekend !!!

Brothers on show

Best In Show

In Brazil: S* Utblickens Viggen, n 22 In Norway: S* Utblickens Kastor, n 0922
22/9 NOM BIS BOB-kat 2
23/9 NOM BIS                 
22/9 NOM BIS

      Best In Show     
We got very good news from Buenos Aires, Argentina
15-16/9  S* Utblickens Mimosa, n 09 become
Best In Show, bouth days

Big congrats to mommy Charo

S* Utblickens Viggen, n 22 has, together with his friends, arrive to their new lovely home in Buenos Aires

A fantastic and very big Thank You,
to Barbro Åberg, at Rockringens,
who made this arrangement posible.
You have also done a realy great jobb,
taking care of the cats, before their travel,
so they all feel very calm and gentle...

Im very greatful, and I know its the same
 for NC's and Harley Honey's

First morning

1/9 in Neuchatêl (CH)
      Best In Show     
S* Utblickens Majken, f 09

Big congratulations to Heidi & Mauritz

At Skogkattslingans KM 25/8 2012

      Best In Show     
S* Utblickens Lill Imra, f 02

   NOM, BOX  3-6  
S* Utblickens Mimosa, n 09

   NOM   6-10  
S* Utblickens Hector, d 0924      More photos 

2012 07/29 
On show in Skien (N)

  2012 07/29 BIV NOM Best In Show
IC S* Utblickens Tage, n 0924          

2012 07/28   CAGCIB  BIV-T NOM 2 votes 
2012 07/29   CAGCIB  BIV-T
IC S* Utblickens Trisse, a 24          

GIP EC S* Utblickens Birthe, DSM, f 09

Thank you Catherine. You are allways doing a beautifull jobb with Birthe :)

 My youngest grandson :)
Sooo sweet  


Ooh !!   What a weekend for show,  8-9 jan.

2 x  Best In Show   

S* Utblickens Tufva, f 0924


21/11  At show in Croatia
IC S* Utblickens Trulsa, f 0924

BIG Congratulations to her owner Leszka Spineter  PL* Duszek-Lasu,
and Maja
PL* Mroon, who shown her soo well :D
Me and all in Utblickens are very, very proud !!!

My lovely grandson

More photos

S* Utblickens Best Breed 2009
¤ category 2 in Sweden
¤ Skogkattslingan        
     ¤ in Nerk (my lokal club)


We are sooo proud :) 
Thank You soo much all friends
who has shown offspring from Utblickens. 
You have done a great jobb

In loving memory

We are soo proud of all offspring, and granchild, from Zoltan

Winter mars 2010 febr in Utblickens  photos


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