In our memory

140429  + 161031

CH S* Isgårdens Beretta, f 0924

Died by an car accident
Why    <3<3<3


050106  + 150726
GIC S* Utblickens Bonitha, DM, n 24

Haven just got a new star <3<3<3
Because of tumor we must let yo go.
Most wonderful .......ever.


030713  + 130405
EC S* Utblickens Jan Puma, DM, d 09

After some problem with tumors,, we have to let you go.
Most belowed <3<3<3


011101  + 120705
   S* Aristo Limaz Kirina Jozip, f 09
After some decise from kidnies
we have to let you go.
Love you ......


060504  + 111222
 SC S* Utblickens Fanny, w

After surgery, when the kitten was born, Fanny become inkontinet in feeces. Veterinary say it was a neurologisk damage, because of the operation, and nothing to do.
Fanny was a very speciall personality.
Love you......


951129  + 091229
 PR S* Enebostugans Sigrid

The first lady in cattery.
 And very speciall .....I love you :)



071030  + 091217
 S* Utblickens Bodil, a 0924

My sweethart,,, I could not help you.


990312  + 080723
EC S* Utblickens Vilhelm, DM, a 09 

He was our firstborn, and start in breeding.
Tanks for all.



01119  + 080606
EC S* Utblickens Zoltan, as 

I could never imagine....Why ??


000811  +  080530
GIC S* Aliosha's Glana Simpandottir,
a 0922

Now you are relived from pain :)


991127 + 060213
aropaves Black Magic Zara, DM, ns

We miss you Zara