Welcome to Utblickens breeding.


Here, me and Vilhelm, at show okt 2000.

My first Norwegian is born at 1995. 
At this time there was no thoughs of show, or breed.   Just love the cat. This beautiful Norwegians, sooo nice in temper. 
It take four years before we decide to let our female meet a boyfriend, and so we were cauth....

In this very first litter there was a male, Utblickens Vilhelm. Big, strong and soooo lovely in temper.  From Vilhelm I started to built my cattery.

In Utblickens there has been born some kittens. I have sold for pet as well as for breed or show.  
An important goal for me, is to breed healty cats with very nice temper. But of course I also having my eyes at a good developing type. I go to show now and than, because I  think its important, when you are a breeder. Just to see and learn more about the Norwegian, and that is abslolutely good for future breeding.
I do also really like to meet al friends this busines has given. Thank you all.


Me and husband lives in a house in middle of Sweden, a small town called Kumla.
In our family there is today four grandchildren. Bertils two grandsons, Kevin and Sören, 17 and 14 years old,  and  my two grandchildren, Hannes and Beppe., born -07 and -10. 
We are very proud of them all.....



18/6 -10 we where in London, where grandson of Bertil, Kevin,
was doing his exam at American Scool in London
Congratualtions to Kevin :)  
Thank you Ania and Jan, for very nice stay

Here tree generations

    Jan                           Bertil                  Sören                     Kevin

Aug 2012


At the 27/6 -10 we have been on namegiving for youngest granson,
and a  wonderful wedding :)

At first the namegiving for my youngest grandson, Beppe

The whole family

My daughter Marie and Johan, who just married :)

We  wish you a long and happy life.

My wonderful grandsons, always BIS :))
My lovely grandsons

Hannes & Beppe

Summer 2010
Granmaa's princes :)

Little brother :)


Maj 2010

Little brother Beppe, here 2 month 3 weeks

Big brother Hannes 2 years and 9 month

More photos


Mars 2010

Lifes little miracle. Our grandson Beppe, born  22/3 at 03.47

Congratulations to my dauther and family, Maria, Johan and Hannes.

Hannes at 2½ year

Hannes, 2½ year

We have been on birtday party, at 14 sept
Hannes, 1 year

Hannes, 8 mounth

My daughter Marie and son Hannes, 5½ mounth

You are sooo sweeet.

More photos of Hannes ; 2 days old
at 5 weeks
at 3 mounth
at 5 mounth
at 8 mounth 
Hannes nameparty :))  8 ½ mounth 
  1 year 
  21 month

Our lovely trip to Brazil
Okt 2012

Some photos


We have been on a travel to Skottland,
june 2009.

More photos


Our travel to Iceland
July 2006

Some Photos