Granschild fromt S* Utblicken's


EC S* Utblickens Zoltan, as DM      RIP 

We are soo proud of all ofspring, and granchild, from Zoltan


In loving memory.


JW N* Migotos Cornelius, as24

He became JW at Sörak 16/8 -08
This was his 5e show, and he was just 4 mounth

Lots of hugs and congratulations, to his breeder and owner, Eva & Oda at N* Migoto'sWe are sooo proud.

   (N) Tigersmilets  Bernhard, a 23 to his JW titel.

Photo will come


Big Congratuatlions to our Grandchild:
(N) Vanity's Dumle, d 0924  
2x BIS in Karlstad 4-5 July -09

5 Best In Show "in straight", he today became JW, only 5½ month old.
We are very proud, and happy :)
And very big Congratulations to Breeder and Eva Dahl Eide, who has shown him sooo well :D

At 15-16/8 -09 we having two grandchilds became BIS kitten
In Nothern Sweden, Leona from
S* Bienja Varre 
In Southern Sweden, a kittenboy from
S* X-it's
Bouth at there first show
Congratulations to breeder and new owner :)
We are very proud !!!!

S* Tante Bluhme's Aragorn, n 0922
8/6 -08 CAGPIB BIV NOM  (one wote from BIS again)

Our grandchild in Finland.

 Skogkatt of the Year 2008
Best adult
 EC S* Isgårdens Rigoletto, ns 0922

Skogkatt of the Year, Best Adult 2008 # 1

SRK, Best Adult kat. II 2008 # 2

SUROK, Best Adult kat. II 2008 # 1

EC S*Isgården's Rigoletto

Big Congrationlations to his breeder,  Catherine at S* Isgården's
and to his owner Sari Sinkko,
FIN* Hopeahännän