Kitten born at 2009-07-06

 IC S* Utblickens Ma Lena, f  


  D Finnsdalens Ignatz, d 0922

 3 BOV  3 NOM    



HCM neg,    GSD 4 Normal


HCM neg,    GSD 4 Normal

Born 6/7-09
126 gr Utblickens Lurix Male d DK
130 gr Utblickens Lizton Male d 0922 Sweden
118 gr Utblickens Lina Female f Sweden
121gr Utblickens Lova Female f 0922 Stays
127 gr Utblickens Loka Female f 0924 America
118 gr Utblickens Linnea Female d 09 My sister
Newborn 1˝ week 2 w   3w      4 w 5 w 6 w
7 w 8 w 9 w 10 w 11 w 12 w

This litter is some special for me. And Im very greatful to Ilona at Finnsdalens, that you have made this posible.
Ignatz is a very beautiful young male, with wonderful caracter and qualitys.
With Ma Lena I think this combination is something extra.

S* Utblickens Lurix, d

5 month

Here at Alfakatten.  Ex 1
BIV-u/j & NOM
14 weeks and 2.5 kg 

weight; 2 002 gr at 12 weeks

S* Utblickens Lizton, d 0922
weight; 1 580 gr

IC S* Utblickens Lina, f

       Trondheim (N) 3/7 Int Champion
Trondheim (N) 4/7 CAGCIB  

 Congratualtions to Lina and owner  
S* Toemas

23/5   CACIB, BIV
22/5   Champion,     

8 month
At show 13/3 at Stockholms kk    Ex 1, BIV

Congratulations to Lina and her owner Eva at S* Toemas

Here at show in Örebro, jan -10   6 month

12 weeks

Here with mommy Eva,
 S* Toemas

S* Utblickens Lova, f 0922
weight; 1 560 gr

S* Utblickens Loka, f 0924   7˝ month
S* Utblickens Liisa & Loka

Here in hands of new mommy Lorraine Vavra. More  Photos
We wish you lots of good luck.   Photos
6 months
12 weeks     weight; 1 501 gr

CH S* Utblickens Linnea, d 09

Champion, BIV & CACIB, BIV-T

Congratulations to Linnea and my sister :))

12 weeks