Kitten born at 19/3 -08


GIC S* Utblickens Beatrize, n 0324 


(N) Josimos Albert Allri mett, ds 0322

 3 BOV  5 NOM      HCM neg

Has never been to show.

Born 19/3 -08
 98 gr Utblickens  Leon Male a 0324
104 gr Utblickens  Larsa   Male n 0324 
112 gr Utblickens  Lotta My  Female g 09 
 88 gr Utblickens  Linda Lou Female fs 0221
newborn 1 w 2 w 3 w   4 w
  7w   9 w  10 w  11 w

More photos of Bea and kittens

(N) Josimos Albert Alldri Mett, ds 0322 S* Restless Lynx, a 0923 DK *La ForÍt's Fitou, e 22
S* Restless Yawning Angel, n 0923
(N) Vanity's Chanel, fs 09

IC (N) Ravnklo's Gwydion, d 0922

(N) Satyr's Aramina, fs 0922
GIC S* Utblickens Beatrize, n 0324 EC S* Shop Suey's Bahraz, n 23

IP&EC S* Barkli's Aristo, n 23

S* Ewkala's Humla, f 22
GIC S*Aliosha's Glana Simpandottir, DM, a 0922 IP&CH S* Royal Imp's Terrano, n 0924
IDP* Sorceress Gudrun, a 09

Im very greatful to Ester and family, who trust us and let Albert stay in our home, for two weeks, when the matings take part.
Also thank you to his breeder, Siv 
Josimos, for support, and Eva Migoto's for all help during this "trip" :))


S* Utblickens Leon, a 0324

12 weeks

Here with his new family.

11 weeks


S* Utblickens Larsa, n 0324
13 weeks

 Here in hands of mommy Anita :)

12 weeks


S* Utblickens Lotta My, g 09

 8 mounth

At show; 6/12  Ex 1 BIV J/U,  NOM  and 2 votes

 5 mounth

12 weeks

Here in hands of new mommy Cecilia

Linda Lou, fs 0221